James FORREST (1844-1887)

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Dr James Forrest, circa 1880

Dr James FORREST was born on 19th August 1844 and baptised on 25th September 1844 in Stirling[1]. He was the first son of Dr William Hutton FORREST and Margaret Thompson STEPHENSON.


At 24 Rankeillor Street, Edinburgh, he married on 3rd March 1869 Jane BREWSTER, daughter of Robert BREWSTER, cabinet maker, and Jane TAINSH[2]. Together they had issue:

i. Martin FORREST, born on 5th September 1869 in Stirling[3].
ii. William FORREST, born on 3rd January 1871 in Stirling[4].
iii. Robert Brewster FORREST, born on 21st July 1872 in Stirling[5].
iv. Margaret Peggy FORREST, twin, born on 1st January 1882 in Stirling[6].
v. Jane Jeannie FORREST, twin, born on 1st January 1882 in Stirling[6].

Dr. James emigrated with his oldest son, Martin, to Minnesota, USA arriving in New York aboard the Circassia of the Anchor Line on 29 March 1883. They settled in Cameron Township, Murray County, and built a house and barn. The following year, his wife Jane followed with the other children: William, Robert, and the twins Margaret and Jane Forrest[7].

James died on 17th February 1887 at Lake Wilson, Murray, Minnesota[8][9] and his wife died in March 1926 in Lake Wilson, Murray, Minnesota[10].