British Medical Journal – Obituaries (23rd Sep 1865)

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Inspector-General of Hospitals, John Forrest, M.D., C.B., died at Bath, on the 10th inst., aged 61 years. Dr. Forrest, who was an honorary physician to the Queen, entered the army November 10th, 1825, and served in the expedition against the Rajah of Kolapore in 1827; he was also employed during the epxetion against the insurgent Boers, beyond the Orange River, in 1845; and in the Kaffir War of 1846, for which he received a medal. He was in medical charge of the 3rd division of the Eastern army at Gallipoli and Bulgaria, and accompanied the expedition to the Crimea in Septeber, 1854; and was present at the affair of Bulganac, capture of Balaklava, battles of the Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol; and was noticed in Lord Raglan's dispatch after Inkerman, "for his able exertions, as deserving to be most honorably mentioned." He was rewarded with the medal with three clasps, made a C.B., and received the fourth-class order of the Medjidie. He became inspector-general December 31st, 1858, and was stationed at Malta until December 1861.