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Welcome to Roots Unearthed!

This website is dedicated to tracing and documenting the lives and details of the FORREST lines descended from William FORREST of Overgrange.

I started researching my FORREST line in 2007 and have met a few, but not many, fellow family historians who share the same FORREST ancestor. I have uncovered some interesting characters and have been aided greatly by the research and evidence provided to me by Robert Forrest of Seattle, USA.

William FORREST of Grange, or Overgrange, in West Calder, Midlothian, Scotland born circa 1690 is the earliest we can trace the FORREST line back as there is little solid evidence to go further back.

As a result, I have decided to create this website to document all the FORREST ancestors of William, and enable long lost cousins to expand and update their lines.

Click here for the Descendants Tree of William FORREST

Below are some of the more interesting descendants:

James FORREST (1715-Unknown) - a farmer known for his bad temper and the mistreating of his son.
David FORREST (1723-1776) - a controversial Minister who wrote his own Memoirs which were published after his death in 1778.
John FORREST (1761-1822) - a Doctor in Stirling who was a member of the Friends of the People.
William Hutton FORREST (1799-1879) - another Doctor in Stirling (who served as an apprentice to the above John FORREST).
John FORREST (1804-1865) - an Honorary Physician to the Queen who in his youth was convicted of grave-robbing.
John FORREST (1841-1910) - a Magistrate who once held a fete in the grounds of his house in which three people were killed by lightning.
John Graham FORREST (1875-1921) - a Minister who suddenly became delusional and spent 11 years in an asylum before committing suicide.
Charles Evelyn FORREST (1876-1915) - a highly decorated Army Captain who was killed in the 1st World War.

Happy Browsing!

Giles Forrest